Understanding The Builder

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of a tutorial on how to “Understand The Builder”. Maybe that’s why so many folk either take the builder for granted, or are unlearned in the ‘Care and Proper Feeding of a Builder’. For the benefit of the listening audience on the radio program, or you the reader (who will call into the show), I’ve produced the bullit list of considerations below. Practical application of these tips may well be the salvation of your relationship with your builder. Should a person understand and work with their builder, there is a rich and rewarding bond that encompasses the entire building project. The adverse is the dark side for which Hollywood produces movies like “The Money Pit”.

Compensation: The Contractor or the builder in stages of experience

Construction Responsibilities: On site & off site

County or City Obligations:

Project Calendar:

Material Procurement: Two gentlemen go to the lumber yard. One is a seasoned builder, the other is a doctor. They are both building a patio cover. The doctor wants to ‘do it himself’. They both go to a unit of 2X8’s to select the amount of rafters they will need to complete this portion of the project. The doctor spends quite a long time looking around, as he’s unsure of what is deemed suitable. The builder, on the other hand, selects only the highest quality of lumber from the stack and is loaded and gone before the doctor has made half his selection. What is the inside story? A builder is considering 10 or more aspects of ‘lumber grading’ in mere seconds. When a builder inspects a length of wood, his mind races with a plethora of ques telling him, from experience, the best material for the project. These ques are; twists, warps, cups, crowns, bows, center cuts, mill marks, knots, grain issues, splinters, and more; all in seconds. Can you appreciate that?



Sub Contractors:


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  1. Ken Swanson did an amazing closet make over for us! He was quick, precise, and had good ideas for the closet which fit our lifestyle and my clothing style. His workmanship is very good. He listened to us and incorporated our ideas. I will definitely hire him for more work.

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