The Power Of Construction

A seasoned contractor or in certain circumstances, a builder, is a well spring of information. And I’m talking before the information age! Now we are networking the industry with computers for instantaneous research and result. Everywhere you look are ‘Green’ builders and energy related product and service. Still, can you, the white collar home owner decipher the information gleaned and apply the technologies to your home improvement project? At best, maybe. Along with all these decisions, come the building codes and standards. ADA (American Disabilities Act)  for an added instance. Natural disaster codes such as the Wild-land Urban Interface. Thermal dynamics, mechanical engineering, and solar. The very reasons for entertaining the professionals. So, how much research should the novice involve himself? Ans: Enough to understand practically and economically. In other words: Enough to make quality decisions.

With that, The Power Of Construction. The savvy building professional who keeps up with the times has a hand in all facets of people, product, and service. Why? To keep up with the demands of the business. This in addition to ‘hands on’ daily business. Think of this; The professional builder has a second nature stemming from ‘on the job experience’. The School of Hard Knocks, as we put it. Not only is he proficient in his own vocation, but must also have knowledge that invokes interaction with interrelated trades. The management of the Big Picture! It’s a huge undertaking. So how does the novice take advantage of this knowledge? The Stream of Consultation.  This is how it works.  Home owners are invited to spend a weekend in Spring, patronizing a Home & Garden Show. What a great place to speak directly to the home improvement professional or product rep. For a person wanting to build or remodel a home requires a great deal of information. All available; all necessary. But here’s what I want you to realize. Savvy builders attend National Builders Conventions and speak to hundreds of construction supply representatives. These are three day affairs. They pick up or send for, home improvement literature or product DVD’s for self educational, and networking purposes. At these builders conventions are many ‘never heard of’ products and/or services so new, the only place you will see them is at the larger trade shows. Then they share this secret information to you, Mr. Home Owner, so that you can make quality decisions!

OK. How about the virtual builder? If you qualify your personal choice for a builder, he will have a web site. A good web site! In that web site, you will find hyperlinks. Not just any hyperlinks. Pre-selected, from experience, informative and concise links that make your search easier. That’s huge! He has accounts in all the social networks and actively engages in research for your benefit. Take for example, YouTube. Does the builder have any project videos of his work and/or satisfied customers? How about his “Favorites”? Most of The ‘Owner’ Builder Favorites on YouTube are construction related; selected personally for the benefit of my audience. How would you know what videos are fictional or just hype?

To summarize; Building Industry knowledge needs to be shared. We need to consider the Power Of Construction for our past experience and future networking. Builders take somewhat for granted, the vast amount of knowledge they have achieved. There is more information than a resume will ever contain. Ask your prospective builder if he uses the networking power available. It makes for a more enjoyable building experience.

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