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What the heck is the Monkey Blog? Just a play on words to describe a condition in the building industry. It takes a stab at the ‘thoughtfulness’ of builders. You may have experienced this condition in your attic if you have a configuration of roof trusses with excess engineering. Some homes have different floor levels and ceiling lines with flat ceilings mated with vaulted ceilings.

The problem is that when you have to crawl through the trusses to do  some sort of attic work, you have to be a ‘Monkey’, in order to get through. Anyone who has worked in an attic for an extensive amount of time, can and will get extremely exhausted in the course of a day. The other point to make is the thoughtfulness (or the lack thereof) of some sub-contractors using the only means of access through the trusses (causeway) for routing building materials making the causeway almost impossible to use. So, if you are building a home, make sure the ’causeway’ is not restricted or impeded so as to make remodeling easier for the future. Don’t be a ‘Monkeys Uncle’

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