The Language of Construction

The following is an example of construction terminology as it applies to seismic and/or wind sheer zones. The exercise is only intended to make aware the complexities of construction language. In plain language, what is the builder asked to do?


Diaphragm sheer transfer via Simpson VGT to dbl truss bottom cords, bore T.P. Insert 5/8”X 4 ½” bolts through T.P. and attach to 4X6 D/F sel struct posts both ends @ top with Simpson HDU2’s with 5/8” X  6 1/2” bolts. Transfer to  HTT22 bottoms via SDS screws all holes and attached to SSTB20’s embed  16 5/8 ” secure to bottom #4 re-bar with tie wire suspend no less than 3” from bottom of footing. S = 48” using 3/8” 5ply 4X8 sheathing using 8d common nails 6” edge & 12”field nailing.    Nail penetration not to exceed to one ply.

 This formula is written. On a set of plans, the formula would be drawn and detailed for the builder to analyze. They would be in different pages noted in architects symbols.

One wishing to build oneself a home should be able to read and implement this formula! Just for starters, some of the materials in the formula are hidden. The builder needs to understand the formula and know the components by practical experience, lest the missing pieces cause an overrun in costs. Either in materials, or the amount of time/labor to make the installation.


Please use the comment box to make interjections. For contractors, elaborate on the formula, or give other examples of construction language. Call into the radio show to elaborate.

For the lay person, please ask a question to start a thread, or call into the radio show. The more professionals we have listening to the broadcast, the more practical advise can be shared to ‘Rebuild America’.



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