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Builders build houses. Firemen put out fires. Builders re-build houses. Fire safety for most home owners means protecting the family and mitigating disaster to property. But the point is that any disaster mitigation to real property is ‘remodeling’. Even if it is ‘landscaping’ and ‘irrigation systems’ for the 30/70 rule. New building codes and the Wildland Urban Interface mean new concepts in buying or improving your primary investment; your home. Go to Google maps and type in 915 14th St Oroville, CA. Click on the ‘satellite image’ tab, and drag the little man icon over to the street. You will now see THIS house as it stood before the fire.  It has been my contention that the construction industry and incident command should indeed colaborate on a truly public/private venture. Case in point is the Shasta County Fire Safe Council. People coming together to help their community become more educated about fire safety. It is why The Owner Builder is a member of the SCFSC. Bringing the elements of the construction industry to people who make a difference for your safety. It just may be that some day, you’ll thank your neighbor for creating a fire break that saved your property.