Want to get extreme value for the advertising dollars you spend? Who wouldn’t? Here’s an unique opportunity to promote your business in a very  economical way.  Businesses spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month for commercials, news paper print ads, or yellow pages. Yikes!

It is widely accepted that people usually do business with others they know, like and trust. One question is: How do you reach these folks? These are only a few reasons that social media web sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are booming! If you want to stop wasting your hard-earned money and gain solid exposure to your market area (and beyond) for less than the cost of dinner once a month, please read on!

Time and again, we have heard the story saying there is just no longer a fair return on those investments. It is an incredible fact that most flat paper, i.e. posters, flyers, and direct mail pieces simply end up in the landfill. The cost of ink cartridges alone can be a huge hidden expense for your business!

Until the general downturn in construction a few years ago, our top-rated program was broadcast live on a local radio station every Saturday morning. We were networking the north state. Exposure was happening. Important information was being broadcast. Local contractors were tuning in and engaging in the conversation. Home owners were discovering how they could hook up with reputable licensed contractors to get their projects completed the right way. And the Sponsors & Advertisers were capitalizing upon a ‘target audience’.   We were actually “building the building industry”!

Now for the good news… We’re baaaaack!  Our live call-in radio program “Rebuilding America with Ken Swanson” is now being broadcast live on internet radio; Blog Talk Radio.  Not just in Shasta County, but across our great nation and around the world! Not just from our studio, but from virtually any trade show, energy fair or other location where Internet access is available! Think of the ‘Smart phone’ revolution. People walking down the street will be listening to live construction talk radio, pull up the key pad, and dial into a live radio show! The possibilities are enormous! Okay… so here is how you can jump on the bandwagon as a show sponsor and get a great ROI on your investment.

Just click the subscription link below to sponsor a regular 15 minute weekly time slot for only $100/month. You can, of course, sponsor more than one slot, or buy more air time. Either way, you win! Here’s what you get for your money…

  1. We will play your radio commercial at least once during your sponsored time slot. If you already have a recorded (mp3) of your commercial, we can use that. We can also produce a new commercial for you for a small one-time production fee. Please call for pricing.
  2. We will mention you and/or your business again outside of your sponsored time slot.
  3. You will have the opportunity to call in live and be interviewed about your business during your sponsored time slot.
  4. While you are on the air, you can easily send a real time comment out to all your Facebook friends, inviting them to listen to you on the program. Your friends can “share” with their FB friends etc. This gives your network real traction!
  5. Your company banner will randomly fly on our website for the entire term of your agreement. See a few of our former sponsors now appearing on this site.
  6. We will link from our website to yours with a dedicated sponsor button. We have ranked high in the search engines for years, and you can piggy-back on our success!
  7. As an added bonus, for each month you remain a show sponsor, we will play your commercial frequently throughout the week as unbooked spots may become available. You also have the opportunity to buy discounted air time here.

So get in on the ground floor now. As an anchor sponsor you can lock in this rock bottom pricing for the first year. You may well think that this is a ridiculously low price, and it is! We know what the economy has done to your business. That is why we are trying to help! Not trying to put any pressure on you, but the truth is, there are only 4 slots available during any given episode. We expect them to fill up quickly.  You should act now to secure your slot. There are no hooks in this either. No long term commitment. You can cancel at any time.

The secure Paypal link below is for your convenience and allow you to pay by credit card.  If you prefer the direct approach, no problem.  Just contact us with any questions, or to prepay your sponsorship with your preferred payment method.

Sponsor 15 minute showcase. $100 monthly recurring. (unsubscribe any time)