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So, your the Big Time Contractor or Supplier making your way to the top, and you want to advertise on a local radio station. Great! I’m almost certain they would be more than happy to take your money. But how much do you know about advertising your business? Or better said, How much do they know about advertising your/our business? The construction business! Hhmmm.? This blog features The ‘Owner’ Builder tip early. And here it is.  Think about the personality that is offering to do your construction commercial. The ‘voice over’ guy. Is he/she a rock & roll burnout from the 70’s? A gump that thinks he makes a difference in the political field? Or just a talking head recognized in the community for speaking his mind? Very important in radio is the ‘sincerity factor’. The listening audience will know the charlatan from the pro. An actor may be able to bluff the public, but if you want your commercial to have the “sell factor”, get a real construction personality to cut the spot. The wake-up call the building world needs, is to realize we speak a different language. For example; we could loose a layman in general conversation talking about shear factors and connecting hardware. Or many other construction terminologies pertinent to the trade in practices and principals. Why would you have someone outside this arena speaking on your behalf? Remember; you’re the paying customer. You can have anyone produce your construction commercial!  If you have a construction talk show host in your community, have him produce a 30 or 60 second radio spot that is right for your demographics. A guy that knows what you are talking about and can bring the message forward with boldness and insights straight from the job site. Now that’s advertising! Professional Construction Advertising.

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  1. Ken,
    Since you don’t come right out and say it here, I will say it for you! Around this county YOU are the right man for the job when it comes to developing a pro-class construction radio commercial. Not saying anything here to take away from the other radio pros, but you are right. Listeners are smart. They seem to know sincerity from hype!

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