Outsourcing Construction References

Many websites claim they can give you qualified contractors to fulfill your wildest home improvement dreams. And how you can depend on these entities. What I’d like the reader to consider is the ‘source’, of that reference. In my forty years of construction experience, I have found many people wanting to build or re-build with little or no practical experience. You almost never hear of these builders who remodel their own homes from their construction career talent. They just ‘do the job’; and the only people who see or hear of  their work is their family and close friends. I would wonder how many career builders use any of these web reference sites for construction references. Who we are talking about are folks who do not have an inside contact with the industry. So they depend upon these sites where regular folks from different occupations can make comments or references about builders who have completed projects for them. This is the point. Regular folks in occupations other than construction. How can they give an objective opinion on a builders performance if they haven’t the professional construction industry mindset? They simply see a completed project and have made a judgement  upon their own level of understanding. Who knows; they may have spent too much. They might have gone ‘green’ to some extent if they had had more information. The energy efficiency level may have been higher due to orientation, or Energy Star complience. Any number of ‘tricks of the trade’ only seasoned builders know. Bottom line is that ‘word of mouth’ is still the best advertisement. Only make sure that mouth is attached to an experienced builders face.

So here’s you’re ‘Owner’ Builder tip: Be careful of these web reference sites for construction! Remember; behind these sites are business administrators who make a living on the web. Not out in the field building and/or remodeling. Check any reference, especially if the contact lives outside your city or especially your county. There’s more to lose by trying to save a buck in this business.


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  1. When I find myself in need of help for my home repairs and remodels, I always contact Ken Swanson for the best man for the job. He can recommend plumbers, electricians, and builders of every kind. I have never been disappointed. I don’t need to “take a chance” on an unknown guy from the yellow pages or from an ad in the paper. Thanks for all of your help, Ken. You realy know your business.
    Mary Ann Gamble

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