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Just recently the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) had an open comment on the new amendments to the green building codes. Unfortunately, they required the giving up of “intelligent property” to them. For this reason, I did not comment. My green building ideas will not go to the USGBC. They will go to my site and I will retain ALL my intelligent property, and so should you.

That is why I am making available to you, Americans, an open comment page on my web site. Here you may express your green building ideas and hold all your intelligent property intact. You may share your ideas with your name and city and be assured you will retain all rights. Furthermore, you will be promoted as the initiator of said idea and be networked with SEO for the text you submit.

Of course this means that no plagiarism (stealing) will be tolerated. You must submit only your ideas. Use the contact page. I will publish the comment on the site after review. Let’s show the government we can do these things with out giving up more of our rights. Thank you.

One thought on “Open Comments on Green Building

  1. This is a comment made on my You Tube Channel:

    JHSchwarzkopf has made a comment on Sheetrock taping and finishing:

    Quote:”This is an individual that inspires, motivates and educate all in the same breath. This is one of the rare breeds that comes along in a rare blue moon.

    All of you that has the desire to want to learn ANY aspect of the trade, I encourage you to seek someone that reflects the positive energy with productivity all in the same motion.

    These are the building blocks of success in the world of construction in which, male egos are a dime a dozen…but a Old School Pro is a rare bird indeed.” end quote

    Thank you Mr. Schwarzkopf for the kind words spoken over You Tube. Best wishes for 2012.


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