Natural Disasters & The Building Industry

It is amazing the times we live in. Natural disasters such as tornado’s, earthquakes, floods, fires. And let’s not forget tsunamis; are taking a tremendous toll upon all nations. There must be a better way to network resources as the disasters seem to ramp up. I have advocated local talk radio as a source of dissemination of information. But with a serious twist. Use the building industry professionals to do the hosting. Why? Destruction in any form to real property has everything to with the people who developed it. The knowledge of infrastructure to the actual building of structures make the building industry a perfect fit. We just need to find individuals who would like to host air time for their regions. How do we do that? Builders Exchanges, Chambers of Commerce, Local Government. And when counties across the nation have someone networking their own communities, we would now have a nationwide disaster network. From the private sector. Just look at some of the benefits:

1. Live private sector CTR (Construction Talk Radio) is a ‘bridge’ between administration of disaster services and strategic volunteer responders. Both professional and non-professional.

2. Interaction on live CTR promotes unity

3. Interaction on live CTR promotes charity

4. Interaction on live CTR promotes awareness/education

5. Live CTR in the disaster response mode gives the professional and the non-professional a place to network information, Ie human resources, services, product, etc with the power of interactive communications.

6. Live CTR in disaster response provides longer air time for government officials to spend time to meet the needs of community bullitens and host town hall meetings.

7. Live CTR in disaster response relieves communication systems and public infrastructure from clogging phone systems and traffic jambs.

8. Live CTR in conjuction with any local builders exchange, County and city building offices, Chambers of Commerce, Insurance agencies, Red Cross and Salvation Army Chapters, Service Clubs, Ham radio, and other entities can provide community involvement on a scale unheard of.

9. Private sector live CTR doing regular business would have no cost to the government, as it is sponsored through the advertising of construction related businesses and/or investors of any US County using local people; a truly public/private initiative.

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