MultiMaster by Fein Tools

To have a tool that invokes imagination is what every builder needs. There are many oscillating tools on the market. Some costly and some more reasonably priced. Sometimes the use determines the value. For example; if you are going to ‘trash’ a tool by continuous thrashing, it’s best to buy a cheaper version of a high quality tool. For when the unit breaks, you simply throw it away and buy a new one.

Not the case with the MultiMaster. This is a ‘sewing machine’. It’s amazing in it’s class. When you pick it up and turn it on, you know you have a well made tool. First of all a builder will appreciate the extra long cord. And the diversity of the tool is amazing. I have cut out tile grout. Used the wood cutting blade to cut shim shingles during door installation. I have cut plastics with fantastic results. I’ve used the scrapper blade to take up old glue off a concrete slab. The flush cutter for casing is awesome. And if you want to cut sheet rock out of a wall, its the perfect tool. And like the Jack Clamp, I end up thinking about other uses for the tool that make the work easier. The tool has an assortment of sanding attachments, and they work well, but I have used other sanding devices that are more effective for my applications. Ask around to your buddies, and see if they have one of these you can demo.

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