Jack Clamp

Jack ClampThis is the Jack Clamp, also called the Alpha Clamp. It’s appropriate I share this tool as the first tool in The ‘Owner’ Builder arsenal. If you’re like me, you have your favorites. This is mine. I have used the Alpha, or Jack Clamp in so many different applications, I can’t wait to come up with another use. This thing spreads, lifts, jacks, like in this picture. Here, I am lifting a cast iron sink. All the plumbing is still attached. It only has to go high enough to extract the tile. The granite guy will make a template for the new counter top. I will set the sink down onto shims and the owner can have his temporary sink back without disconnecting anything. Cool, huh. I’ve  used two to compress the carburetors (4) into the head on my motorcycle. I used it to hold down staging planks on construction staging. I used it to hold a door open when I was laying tile in a hallway. These are just examples other than lifting upper cabinets into place without strain. Also, they are American made in Montana. Hows that? So pull up the website on the link and see for yourself. You’ll be in tool paradise, just like me.

Check out The Jack Clamp here!

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