Insulation Is ‘Added’ Value

Adding Insulation

It’s either, “Brrrrr, it;s cold in here“, or ” I’m so hot, I can’t sleep“. We complain about the cost of a  new furnace or new air conditioner and continue in our misery. Have you ever considered adding insulation? Let’s say your home is 20 years old. Twenty years ago the codes for insulation were much less than the requirements of  (Title 24 Energy Commission of CA) today. These codes in CA require insulation up to R-38. That’s 18 inches of insulation; depending upon the zone. Most energy professionals agree that most heat loss is directly over your head. In other words, your heat, and your money, is going through the roof! Another matter to ponder is that over time, insulation compresses. Due to extreme heat and cold, the insulation in your attic settles, leaving a thin layer of protection from the elements. In addition, homes built 20 years ago were constructed with standard roof sheathing. Plywood. What the builders are using today is known as TechShield Plywood. This product has foil on one side that refracts radiant energy. In other words, it helps to keep attics cooler. So, if your house is an older home, it makes even more sense to add insulation. What do you do? 1. Choose the best time. There are two optimum (seasonal) times to insulate. Just before spring in moderate weather and just before fall in moderate weather. The reason is insulation companies might dicker a little while the working conditions are favorable. 2. Economically. Inquire of any rebates you may qualify for. IE, Energy Star or contacting your local Utility. With a simple phone call, a licensed insulation contractor will advise and/or come to your home to quote. The result is a blanket of comfort that will cause instant gratification. Now, “Who can put a price on comfort”?  Seriously; for the meager investment, adding insulation is one of the most efficient things a person can do to a home. And, it is an equity builder as well. So do yourself a favor. Take a quick peek up into your attic. If it isn’t more than a foot deep, call into the radio show and let’s talk about it. (Radio Show tab in the black title bar)

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