Hurricane Sandy and The Building Industry

The reality of natural catastrophe is that First Responders can be ‘victims’ as well. So often citizens call for help is reacted to with earnest, without regard to who is on the way or what personal situation the First Responder has suffered.  These trained professionals are people too. Their home may have been destroyed. Their relatives and friends may have suffered injury, or property loss. They might have had to endure a roof top stay or had been stranded in a flooded subdivision or country road somewhere. With the infrastructure continuing to fail; sheer winds, excessive snow fall and flooding hindering rescue attempts in a catastrophe this large, most people will have to endure on their own. Even stranded First Responders! A few days now into the most devastating natural disaster of our nation, we won’t have a handle on the aftermath and cost for a long time. One thing is sure. Americans come to the aide of our countrymen. Right now able body citizens in communities across the storm path are assisting neighbors in all ways possible. Regular people. Every day people. White and blue collar folks who realize helping others is the American way. Ministry: ‘Simply making oneself available for service’. Construction people know this because they do it every day. Working and sweating in the presence of others to complete a task. The real job is the aftermath. When the storm passes. When the injured are cared for. When the dead are laid to rest. When the resources are brought to bear. The builder does not look at a disaster area in the way the public views it. It’s not a puzzle of twisted timber, wires and broken glass. We see what needs to be done. We recognize the parts and pieces. We understand the safety issues. We work with respected counterparts in all fields. And we do it without a government badge on our shoulders. Remember Katrina! How is it then, that we consider a ‘nanny state’ instead of calling upon the power of the people? I submit to all that if disasters continue and government continue to suppress the private sector, this country will stagnate into legal complacency. It’s time to Re-build America. It’s time to get things done. It’s time to empower the private sector small businesses. The workhorse of this great nation.

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