Home Improvement And The Digital Camera


Don’t you love technology? The digital camera is a tool of the age. Especially for the re-modeler. For with it we may take instant pictures for the homeowner and show them the issue for which the house call was made. A plumber may take a picture of an underfloor water leak and display it to the homeowner. A roofer may take a real time picture of roof jacks with rotten rubber grommets. Or flashing’s and gutters that have rusted holes. Step flashing or roof to wall flashing that have pulled away and water now enters the home. Or like the picture of a truss that is in need of replacement. All examples of places the homeowner would have difficulty examining on their own. The picture truly tells a story.

Another use for the digital camera is taking pictures in tight locations. Somewhere a builder cannot see well enough. The camera can be set to Macro and take the shot a few inches away from the subject.

A digital screen is often used for information recall. IE, taking a picture of a low volt sprinkler system mother board. The multi-colored wiring may now be removed from the device. The building project can be completed and the wiring pulled back to the mother board. The picture can be reviewed for the correct re-connect with instant accuracy.

Where have you used a digital camera in the course of building? Send a comment please.

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