Flat Screen TV Over The Fireplace?

Smoke, (or soot). Heat. Focal point. New outlet locations. Mounting brackets or finding studs for solid mounting. Component cabinet or sometimes closet. Wires; lots of wires. New outlet locations. All considerations for the location of a brand new and sometimes very expensive flat screen TV.  The controversy. What do you really want to look at?  A fireplace or a TV? Do you want to ruin a new TV by sending smoke up into it? Do you want to keep cleaning the TV all through winter? . How bout the remodeling you will have to do to install the unit. Sometimes removing the sheet-rock to ‘back out‘ the mounting bracket and to route the wires and cables. And if you just want to place the TV out in the open,  the dust blowing around a home with a TV on a stand or a 2×12 with a couple of bricks will get very dirty. How bout a different approach to TV viewing?

Entertainment Center

If you have the room to build an entertainment center, take a look at the picture. This is the full monte. This component built-in has all the hook-ups for TV, cable box, Theater quality Amp with surround sound, DVD/VCR, computer hook-up, and  full gaming capabilities. And it adds huge equity to the home. Click on the picture and check out the trim and details. This location for the TV is 180 degrees from  a real fireplace. Directly facing the TV is a pub table breakfast area with the kitchen to the left. This room is a high quality ‘Living’ and ‘Playing’ room. With a laminate floor, any PS3 Move, Xbox, or Wii game can be easily enjoyed by many. Up-lighting and down-lighting, along with a venting fan make for atmosphere and function. So get the best from your investment, and add value to your diggs. I did.

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