Disaster Education and The Building Industry

Disaster Education and The Building Industry


Christmas Catastrophe

If I were to ask you, “When you think of disaster preparation/mitigation, what sort of people do you think about?” Before you answer, consider ‘preparedness’: the state of being prepared. Or ‘mitigation’: to make or become less severe, less painful. Now, back to the question. Was your answer “the police or fire department?” Or the Red Cross or Salvation Army? The local newspaper or TV station? The thought should be, “What, are we preparing and mitigating for?” Ans. The possible destruction to our primary investment! Our homes and property. Since ┬áthe topic is Preparation/Mitigation, injury is not in the equation. Since there has not been a catastrophe, the news plays no part. So the final answer to the opening question is, The Building Industry. Was it not the builder who initially constructed the dwelling? Surely the builder will be the entity who re-builds the structure after a natural disaster.

With the times seeming more and more disaster prone, and the populous in sprawl, it would seem a good time to consider a plan for surety and piece of mind. Sure, disaster preparation is a boring subject. Because after all, “it will never happen to me”. The internet is a wash with failed attempts at disaster awareness/preparation/mitigation. Why? Because of the lack of a comprehensive knowledge base. I believe there needs to be a comprehensive knowledge base in an ongoing format for the dissemination of information. That platform is Construction Talk Radio. With the evolution of home improvement, there are many things that an homeowner can do to protect his or her investment from eminent uncertainty. But the primary objective is to consider the people who make a living of building houses, and ask them what you can do to prepare and mitigate.

Click on “it will never happen to me” to watch a house fire aftermath

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