Conditioned To Buy

Look through the eyes of a builder when he views the television ads. And consider the message sent by the advertiser. Does the ad really want to help you make a home improvement? Or is the advertiser simply; trying to sell you something.


Dark & Cramped

Case in point. A commercial selling attic insulation shows a man in a well lit attic with more than enough head room and what appears to be a solid floor. Here’s the problem. Most attics are dark and cramped. They are dusty and splintery. They are filled with truss webs and/or rafters with perlins, braces, air conditioning ducting, skylight shafts and all other manner of construction damaclese. If there is any old insulation, that insulation is hiding, to a certain degree, the ceiling joists you would have to step on to begin your new insulation project. Did I say stepping? I’m sorry. More like crawling. And when you have to get that new insulation way down to the exterior wall line, you will no doubt have to ly¬†down in a most uncomfortable position to get the job done right. And that’s when you have a little surprise you’d like not to have happened. A carcass. YUK! “Yeeoow, get me outta’ here”, and you step through the ceiling causing a sheet rock repair job for yourself. Oh, and by the way, how would you get your new insulation batts into your attic? That fancy commercial isn’t showing you these things.

Here’s your ‘Owner’ Builder tip:

Watch out for TV commercials that ‘Condition’ the home owner into thinking construction is so easy anyone can do it. If you are going to do a home improvement project of this type (because the commercial made it look ‘so easy’) have a licensed building contractor give you a consultation, and proposal, just to even up the score. You’ll find out for 1. The commercial isn’t really looking out for your best interests. And 2. The professional building contractor has a few tricks up his sleeve that can beat the competition, with a few bonuses the other guy wouldn’t even think of.

One thought on “Conditioned To Buy

  1. Hey Ken. Very informative blog. I find this to be true not only for insulation, but for many different aspects of remodeliing. my clients have trusted me for construction consultation and it’s a pleasure to build in this type of atmosphere. My subs as well. So wonderful to go to work and cooperate with the owners on a basis of professionalism. Really enjoy reading your blogs and will share them with all my friends. Keep up the good work. Oh, by the way; when are you going to get back on the radio?

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