Cohesive Strategy

A National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy is the formal term of the new Communications Framework mandated by the Federal Government. Cohesive Strategy is the short version. The intent is:

“The Communication Framework for A National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy is targeted for use by individuals, agencies, organizations, government bodies, and interested stakeholders to use as a roadmap for effective communication and collaboration activities related to the Cohesive Strategy.”

The Goals are: ” To keep stakeholders, interested parties, and the public informed of process in the development of the Cohesive Strategy.” How will they come up with keeping the public informed? TV ads? Radio spots? A flyer in your utility bill? No, there is a better way. Construction Talk Radio!

The objective is to: “Provide stakeholders the opportunity to engage in ongoing dialog in order to be included in the process to the maximum extent possible.” Construction Talk Radio is by nature, ongoing dialog, only it is interactive with the audience. With it, anyone can use the program to communicate directly and also indirectly to wide body of constituents. Recipients need only to make contact via web sites and/or phone or conference call when disseminating information.

The Principles include: “Aggressive distribution of information will be on-going.”   Another term they should have added is the word ‘sustainable’. Where is the money going to come from to keep this aggressive distribution alive? Taxes? How bout a truly public/private initiative? Use the Building Industry (Final Responders) in a statewide network of Construction Talk Radio Shows that are paying advertising dollars to sponsor the broadcasts? Grant moneys can be used for start-up funding and air time costs during the course of an incident. 

This is only a ‘teaser’ of the Cohesive Strategy. There is a lot to read. And it gets better. Many sections of this document speaks to me in what I have already done, and what I am accomplishing on live radio at the present. To read more on the Cohesive Strategy, go here:

To listen to a recent podcast of some of my ideas for effective communications, go here:

To listen to an interview for NPR, (National Public Radio) go here:


Anyone interested in creating a CTR Show for the purposes of networking the building industry for the benefit of their community, use the contact page  or call (530) 949-6574 for more information.




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