Fixing Rubbing Doors

3" Screw in the hinge

Everybody has one. A door that rubs in its jamb. Sometimes so bad the door won’t close. What happened? Well, sometimes the house has shifted. Other times the door installer didn’t care enough to do the job properly. For instance; ‘Case Hanging’ is a term used to describe a method of ‘Blow & Go’ finish work that gets a lot of doors hung in a short time. Usually in apartments. The trim is installed upon one side of the door, and then the door is installed using the trim and jamb as support rather than using shims ( The proper method). No, I DON’T CASE HANG. In the old days, we used to hang doors with hand drive finish nails. Now, everything is done with finish nailers. On exterior doors, such as your entry door, the framers usually install. The reason being the house needs to be locked up from now on. But some guys used 16 galvanized, or 16 hand drive sinkers to install these. I know these doors ALL rub, from experience. The fix? Click on the picture. You see a standard interior door that rubs at the top of the jamb. Solution? Removing the standard short screw out of the uppermost hinge, sending a pilot bit through and into the trimmer, and installing a 3′ gold deck screw into the hole. Set the screw a little better than snug, and close the door. Check the ‘reveal’, or gap vertically between the door and the jamb. If it needs a little more, back out the screw and drive it back in a little harder. If the jamb won’t move a little, it may be necessary to lay a piece of wood on the hinge and ‘pop’ it once. Check the reveal. How simple is that? You’ve just been ‘Built’, by The Owner Builder.