About Ken

The “Owner” Builder construction consultation and the following radio program were the brain child of one maverick framer affectionately known As “the freelancer,” to his Northern Californian counterparts. Kenneth Swanson is originally from Torrance California, a suburb of Los Angeles. From the youthful high school days, construction in the form of room additions and remodeling were the afternoon norm. Father, Robert M. Swanson Construction Company was the tutorial into the backbreaking toil of the home improvement industry. Then It was on to custom home building and apprenticeship from top home framing contractors in the Palos Verdes Estates properties. There was change in the air when a chance at the future he saw fit to move to Redding in 1981. Building and remodeling in Shasta County, Ken saw the need for information delivered to the home buyer in the form of home inspection.

In 1984 Real Estate Assessment, LTD was created. Being far ahead of his time, the home inspection business faded and building continued. In the late 80’s Ken occupied office space as a technical designer for Four Seasons Greenhouses. In the early 90’s Ken carried a title at a local Door and Window shop as Head of window sales. Building continued and the decision to enter the consulting business was made in 2000. The “Owner” Builder was up and running. As a construction consultant, the unique aspect is that a consultant is one who does preliminary work to make a client contractor ready. What is distinguishing about this service, is that it makes the client aware of any preliminary problems or economic realities. The benefits of the service has proved in the past, that the better informed a client can be, the more informed and educated decisions he/she will make and be comfortable with. Also because of the nature of consultation, the client is not made to feel a proposal will be put forth for signature, resulting in buyer’s remorse.