Rebuilding America

At the Owner Builder… We Build Owners! This is the catch phrase you may have heard me use on the radio show for years. Together, we are rebuilding America! Listen in now.

rebuilding americaIt’s not just a few words thrown together. It is my philosophy and my passion. It’s the very reason we say that we are rebuilding America one homeowner at a time. It is a lost way of doing business.

It is a mission statement that aims to encourage and educate you about making the best of what may be the most expensive investment you own. For many, what would be your home. These are the ideas that make up the purpose of this website.  I hope you will share my vision for rebuilding America by spending some time here to discover how we can blend old school values with new technology home improvement.

Builders and hard work created America. In good times or hard times we have survived. After The Great Depression, it was builders who created the construction projects that put people back to work. It was the vast resource of tradesmen and suppliers who somehow networked without the aid of computers or high tech tooling to get the job done.

But what has happened to stifle the great machine that rebuilt America in the past? I have to believe that the fire that burns in the hearts of Americans is still there. It just needs to be rekindled. That’s why The Owner Builder is here. Building the building industry, and you, the weekend warrior.

Let me encourage you. Whether you own your own home, or you are the owner of a construction related business, you are already ahead of the game. Rebuilding America starts with your own investment. Employ licensed contractors and their American crews. Use responsible community suppliers and retailers to add value, efficiency, and comfort to your home. Network with contractors and suppliers who understand the internet and it’s capabilities. It’s money in your pocket, no matter how little the investment. It’s your future, so invest in yourself, and make it happen.

What’s my idea for rebuilding America? Naturally; the building industry. This nation is in survival mode. The three basic survival necessities are Food, Clothing and shelter. We as a country should have focused more on building, rather than the auto industry. For what part of the three basics is the auto industry. Shelter is the building industry. Simply look around you. Anything you look at, is a part of the building industry. From the concrete you stand on to the ceiling over your head. Literally tens of thousands of products that make up  your surroundings. Those products put hundreds of thousands of Americans to work. They sustain other parts of the economy from their earnings, which in turn employs others. The community chain continues to every part of society from the Presidents of a companies, to the janitors who maintain every commercial building.The building industry begins with raw materials such as wood and concrete. And continue in a vast network of other materials. These industries provide building products to virtually all homes, businesses, and the infrastructure.The auto industry is not as diversified in their manufacturing. And to fill these homes and business we need living essentials such as tools and furnishings.The building of new homes and the remodeling industry provide an investment into the owners future. On the other hand, the auto industry provides a product that depreciates the moment you drive the product off the lot. Think about this: Some automobiles become classics and appreciate in value. But all chattel purchased at market value eventually gains value.  We need to get this economy going. We need to use the building industry and private enterprise to initiate it. We need to give incentives to American citizens for rebuilding America. Someone tell me why Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae couldn’t give first time homeowners of homes under 75K on city lots under 100X100 for little to no interest? Starter homes for people with drive to rebuild and have something to be proud of. Stepping stones of encouragement in an otherwise no mans land of real estate and slum lords. Anyway, that’s my peace. Your comments, please.